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3rd time is a charm x2 :-)

This is my post from last year! ————-

I am trying for what seems like a millionth time to try a 365 Photo Project, ok I just looked it is the fifth time! Well 5th and a half! haha…This year I am determined and focused to do it. I have a few people talked into doing with me too. If you are interested in following my journey, my site is at 365 Project, and my handle is Clicketynix   … We, the ClicketyPrintGirls have been providing inspiration for a photo a day for a few years and this year I decided to make it more about the photos and less about the themes…Just Shoot and Learn and Inspire each other. Lets have a GREAT year. Join our photo group on Facebook : Photo Group  or play along on social media with the hashtag #3H2Ophotoaday
So cheers to 2018 and my 6th try! I will not let myself drop the ball this time- I hope ha! Happy New Year!





We live three different stories through a variety of lenses. We have started our own Photo Challenge list since we couldn’t find a new and exciting one to stick with out there in cyber space, we even allow “guest” list makers to help us shake it up–it could be you!

Join us this year by taking a photo a day, with any type of camera, even your phone. you can see your whole year in photos if you share them on a website like flickr or a 365project site like

Here is a link to mine if you are interested in seeing what it is like. These sites offers challenges and daily inspirations as well…You will also find the other clicketyprintgirls there to be awed by…

If you are looking for a small community of photo peeps that are all interested in connecting by photographs you can also join our Facebook page and share your photo a day daily there. Join us there at

If you just want to beat of your own drum then tag us on instagram, pinterest or twitter and we can check out your versions of of list inspirations. #3H2Ophotoaday 

Here is to the the best year ever and everyone help me stay motivated to not miss a day in 2015, this is MY YEAR!


photo of the day jan 2015


Today was RED for the theme. We had a bittersweet weekend going through some of my late Father-in-laws guns and tools and shops. There were tears, laughs, and a LOT of sweat! All the kids had to bring home a vehicle or boat or something to sell. We brought the jeep to use at the beach this week, and then sell…but as I followed my husband home yesterday, while he was shifting away in the noisy wind and 95 degree heat…I was thinking about how life is a journey and how we are all connected to our past…when we all pulled out of the driveway, little pieces of Benny went in three different directions and will remain forever in our hearts…I have always heard that when you have children, they are like your heart running around outside your body, I don’t know about that since I haven’t had any children…but I was thinking that now he is living outside his body, but now in their hearts…





The road goes on forever…and the party never ends. ~ Robert Earl Keen

~ Clicketynix



Today is ORANGE…

This pesky little orange did not want to cooperate today! I volunteered to go to the store so I could take a shot of a pile of orange oranges, but then I thought maybe I need a little citrus, so I bought one to shoot and eat. On the way to the check out everything was under control, I had the orange and tortillas in one hand and the beer in the other. I went to put the stuff on the conveyor and it jumped out of my hand and rolled away, I actually had to put everything else up and then walk all the way to the food aisles to pick it up. Then we (me and my three items) made it to the truck and home. I ate my quesadillas and cleaned the kitchen and goofed around a bit and then I was like, “oh! I should eat my orange!” ummm, I looked around and “Where the hell is my orange” so then I looked around and was like really, where the hell did it go now? maybe its in truck…walked outside, opened the door, and no orange…shut the door, and then thought, wait it has to be there it isn’t in the kitchen, so I opened it and sure enough it was under the seat. 🙂 shot it. ate it.  and had another random thought…I would eat a LOT more oranges if my daddy would still peel them for me, that is such a pain and he was/is a pro, he always used the orange peeler and he could make one cut all the way around and have an intact orange peel at the end 🙂 remember sometimes the little things are the big things! ~ Clicketynix


Fun with no face selfie challenge, fun with TEDe Bear 🙂 This was one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time, not for what I did or didn’t do…but instead for my outlook, my enjoyment of every part…this was a good end…bare feet in the grass with my buddy by my side! ~ Clicketynix
selfie3.75 selfie3.5 selfie3