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3rd time is a charm x2 :-)

This is my post from last year! ————-

I am trying for what seems like a millionth time to try a 365 Photo Project, ok I just looked it is the fifth time! Well 5th and a half! haha…This year I am determined and focused to do it. I have a few people talked into doing with me too. If you are interested in following my journey, my site is at 365 Project, and my handle is Clicketynix   … We, the ClicketyPrintGirls have been providing inspiration for a photo a day for a few years and this year I decided to make it more about the photos and less about the themes…Just Shoot and Learn and Inspire each other. Lets have a GREAT year. Join our photo group on Facebook : Photo Group  or play along on social media with the hashtag #3H2Ophotoaday
So cheers to 2018 and my 6th try! I will not let myself drop the ball this time- I hope ha! Happy New Year!