Today was RED for the theme. We had a bittersweet weekend going through some of my late Father-in-laws guns and tools and shops. There were tears, laughs, and a LOT of sweat! All the kids had to bring home a vehicle or boat or something to sell. We brought the jeep to use at the beach this week, and then sell…but as I followed my husband home yesterday, while he was shifting away in the noisy wind and 95 degree heat…I was thinking about how life is a journey and how we are all connected to our past…when we all pulled out of the driveway, little pieces of Benny went in three different directions and will remain forever in our hearts…I have always heard that when you have children, they are like your heart running around outside your body, I don’t know about that since I haven’t had any children…but I was thinking that now he is living outside his body, but now in their hearts…





The road goes on forever…and the party never ends. ~ Robert Earl Keen

~ Clicketynix



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