Today is ORANGE…

This pesky little orange did not want to cooperate today! I volunteered to go to the store so I could take a shot of a pile of orange oranges, but then I thought maybe I need a little citrus, so I bought one to shoot and eat. On the way to the check out everything was under control, I had the orange and tortillas in one hand and the beer in the other. I went to put the stuff on the conveyor and it jumped out of my hand and rolled away, I actually had to put everything else up and then walk all the way to the food aisles to pick it up. Then we (me and my three items) made it to the truck and home. I ate my quesadillas and cleaned the kitchen and goofed around a bit and then I was like, “oh! I should eat my orange!” ummm, I looked around and “Where the hell is my orange” so then I looked around and was like really, where the hell did it go now? maybe its in truck…walked outside, opened the door, and no orange…shut the door, and then thought, wait it has to be there it isn’t in the kitchen, so I opened it and sure enough it was under the seat. ๐Ÿ™‚ shot it. ate it. ย and had another random thought…I would eat a LOT more oranges if my daddy would still peel them for me, that is such a pain and he was/is a pro, he always used the orange peeler and he could make one cut all the way around and have an intact orange peel at the end ๐Ÿ™‚ remember sometimes the little things are the big things! ~ Clicketynix

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