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Spooky Edit

DSC04623tombstone4DSC04628tombstone1DSC04616tombstone3DSC03931tombstoneDSC04620thombstone2DSC04631Tombstone TreeThis post has been very difficult to load for some reason and my creativity and my words of wisdom have slowly leaked out of my mind as I was getting more mad at every hurdle. I was proud of my edits last night so I wanted to show what I did…Our word today is #tombstone and I wanted something creepy and sinister…however I saw some really really awesome tombstones and none, I mean none of them had the right angle to create my vision, so they are not shown here…I might put a couple in a new post if you are interested. We went to 3-4 cemetaries if you list them by name but there were only two areas that we visited. The last and most creepy on was the Blanchette cemetary, where they say Blind Willie Johnson is buried. The picture of the crypt by the tree looks really really creepy from the road because you can tell it is being up rooted and there are several of the tipping crosses in the view and all the lined up graves with no names…The main reason I wanted to show you the edits is because it was an awesome day outside, the weather was great the sun shining and the graves peaceful. It almost felt wrong to make them creepy but it is close to Halloween…My favorite creepy one is the one that has the statue with no head? It is protected so I am not sure how that happened and the crosses in the background are tipped from the same big tree…NOT going back to this cemetery at night, maybe the other two, but definitely not this one! The last picture is my favorite because it highlights how nice the day was…The other cemeteries are a mix of old and modern and every cool shot I had, there was a a shiny new headstone or flowers…so enjoy…all edits this time were made by -Clicketynix