Colossians 2:1 I want you woven into a tapestry of love…

I love love this towel, it was my Grandma Kirkebys, and I think it might be older than me, maybe from the 60’s…she used this pattern for the “walk-out” towel to wrap us up when we got out of the tub when we were little kids, and it eventually made its way to the towel bar for the “step-out” towel…but it stayed on her towel rack as long as I remember, even when she was in her assisted living apartment…After Robyn and I packed and cleaned up and moved her out of there on a crazy weekend two years ago, there was still a few towels left still hanging around. Robyn was gonna just throw them on the pile for goodwill, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, so I brought a whole bunch of different styles home, some kitchen ones too…anyway, I used me as “packing” for the trip home and now they are at the very top of the linen closet, I get them out when Rodney gets Landon out of the bath when we babysit…so there is a whole new set of grand kid memories on the horizon, we have used it every time he is here…

I thought this picture might be interesting to someone at the Fieldcrest company, however after some research it appears they have been bought about 4 times…here is a little history…

I still buy this brand sometimes, always seem to be good quality and decent price…you can get them just about anywhere, however if only the originals will do, you can find some on Etsy.

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