Product Placement

FederalHere’s the story…took a pic yesterday. it was of a coors light and a cheeseburger. exact same composition as my killin’time pic from earlier this week. Couldn’t post that. I mean really? Same composition of almost the exact same thing. Na. Couldn’t post that. Then I had this great idea of the ammo. My original idea would have been closer to “shot placement” rather than “product placement” but since it’s pouring down rain, not exactly great weather for hitting the range just so I can snap a pic of a shot up target. So this is what I came up with. This is why my best photos are ones that fall into my lap rather than plan them. Cause this is so much better than either of the others were or would have been. The light both artificial <overhead tungsten> and natural <sunlight through the window> made for some great bokeh that I couldn’t have planned if I tried.

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