Today the theme was barnyard. I think that when I choose this word I thought that I might actually get in the truck and go for a drive and snap a few shots of my favorite cow friends. This was before my long day and my desire to take a nap right after dinner…while, I didn’t get to do that I wandered around thinking about how far my house right off the main drag is away from the barnyard…I had a few ideas to shoot, and then I saw a little tiny tomato in the window, first of the season, sitting right there by my advertising cows, a little virtual barnyard…anyway, suddenly I had a thought that I could shoot a piece of the barnyard! All of a sudden this thought and I didn’t need a nap I needed a phone…so, I called my dad and asked him where the barn wood that I have came from again and how old it was…I knew it was over a 100 years old when grandpa made the frames from it and that was over 20 years ago now…After two phone calls I was informed that the wood is indeed old, and I found out it was from Stevie Olsons (olsens) farm yard. I found out that the olsens were cousins of Great grandpa Erlenson (grandma’s dad) and that Stevie used to live in their basement in the cold ND winters because he didn’t have heat or an indoor bathroom. After his death, my grandpa Vernon Kirkeby, bought the farm yard and all the buildings and then sold it all, my dad helped him go through all the buildings and to dismantle the barn…they used that wood to make the frames that I have dismantled and plan to up-cycle with an idea on Pinterest, but also to build an addition on to our home, and To build the lake house we all loved so much and many many more things…I now know that over half of my day’s Indian head collection came from that farm…interesting how a little history and research can spark an idea and time passes so quickly…After I got off the phone I went and found the scrapbook that I made for my grandfathers 90th birthday, a few years back and looked for the picture of the lake house and yep, I could see the barnwood. Then I got to looking through the pages and all the history that he saw in his many years, he was born before the First World War, served in the second and was still around for September 11…not to mention all the other wars and technology and cultural changes…but I noticed too that in just the last few years so much has changed in the lives of the people I was looking at on those pages…so many people have passed on, gotten ill, divorced, and more…babies were born and worst of all some may never talk again…

After I got my information to type here to you about where the wood came from, I started looking for some info on Sutton, ND and maybe even the Olson’s when I found this website, Instagram and Facebook page and I am in awe, it is awesome, I can’t wait to dig though old photos now and take some new ones next month when I am home…I am going to check this site out again and you can too…

I am sad to see these are not part of the ND census anymore…towns I love like Ardoch and Sutton are here with many many more…

Love how a little inspiration goes a long way! It’s better then my one idea this morning about taking the pic at work with all those animals

Today is one of the days that wasn’t good but had good in it…lots actually…

Saying my prayers and hitting the hay…

Thank God I got to grow up in North Dakota, still is in my heart!


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