Shutter Fast

So I was trying to take some fast shutter shots and since it is night I was having lighting problems, even with all the lights on, the higher I put the ISO the “noisier” the shot, grainy…Anyway, I was wishing for a light box, or someone to hold a light and I didn’t have either…so I thought, hey…what if I use the “light” as the subject of the picture…so here it is, there was a bunch of shots that were kinda cool, but none that blew me away, so I couldn’t decide which one to choose… So I googled fire in Google images and found some kickbutt shots, the key seems to be that you should have more than one flame…Too late now…This shot is SOOC except the sig of course. The best part of the shot was the yummy smell!


1/4000 shutter speed 400 ISO  F3.5

Shutter Speed Fast


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