Special Effect!

starbucks passion tea

Starbucks passion tea

SO we three clicketyprintgirls are excited about a new app and we are inspired by the hipstachick! http://www.thehipstachick.com/ …sooooo…I got the app and then snapped the first thing I see….I am at Barnes and Noble and I take this shot and then I explore the app a bit, and I see all these cool settings and lens and flashes and film choices and I can’t get them to change at all…so I leave lunch and then try again at my 3 o’clock snack time and snap these guys


Still no idea how to change, I think I changed something, but I don’t know what! SO, then I get home and grab a burger and a beer…and I took these three shots, I think maybe they are all the same! hahah


image_2 (2)




Then I see a little note that says I can change the lens and film by flipping…soooo I use the two settings I wanted earlier and I got this terrible pic…HA


SO I am going to have fun playing with this app to get it right, good thing it is “digital” film or I would be a mess! anyway, I grabbed it to try one more shot of my burger and here ya go, I think it is my finger! geez…happy snapping ~Clicketynix


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