I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and today’s theme was JUST DO IT! which is a saying that was popularized by the NIKE company…One of the ” BRANDS” that my life could be sponsored by, anyway…Today I hopped into the truck on the way to work and listened to “Sin Wagon” by the Dixie Chicks, who were for a very long time banished from my iPod because of their comments about President Bush! Don’t get me started, anyway over time I realized that that is just their opinion and that I can still enjoy the part of their voices that is a talent…so ANYWAY, all of us clicketyprintgirls have fallen off the “wagon” of creativity and posting lately so we all vowed to get on the wagon and go for it…But, back to the soul-searching…I started my bucket list about a year ago as my first item was getting removed, I was so excited and so deflated, it ended up being one of the best nights of my life and also the worst as it went on, so I stopped the bucket list, I stopped hoping and I kinda gave up on the dream thing…Slowly over the year, I have been convincing myself that it isn’t a good idea to hide feelings, and ignore dreams and desires, so slowly I have thought of things to add, but only in my head, but now I am going to do it, I am going to make the list and I am going to chronicle it good and bad! and maybe by the end of my life I will also be able to talk about that night of my life and it will come full circle…SO TONIGHT….Here it is one more item for the bucket list…. Tiffany Colored Nikes šŸ™‚ Why, because I would never normally buy them, they are not practical AT all and they match nothing…Total bliss purchase…so anyway…Dream Big and then get out there and JUST DO IT!

I have to give a special kuddos to printgirl for giving me a copy of Grace Potter’s CD, listening to it this week had helped some of the good things from that first night of the bucket list adventure, come through and remind me that all of this is a journey! — so funny that I stalked Grace’sĀ  tour dates and never thought that I should maybe look for a CD, Duh!? I guess since she did so many covers at the concert I was thinking I couldn’t find her on iTunes….another block of the brain due to day-dream withdrawal…Which is very hard for a Pisces like me.

Also, Yippee to PrintgirlĀ  & Girl.in.Camo too for getting on the wagon…It does get easier with the help from our friends



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