Shoot from the hip, and then Shoot from the heart!

I had already taken my shoot from the hip and then on the way back into the house, my sister-in-law said wait we need to take some pictures of Nevah in my wedding dress…I was like OMG we don’t have enough time to do this justice, but she said please and I am a sucker, I hope we do this again soon. It was fun…Nevah was so excited because we supreised her and when she saw the dress it took her breath away, we knew because we could here her draw it in. I said I can’t wait to see you when you really get married, and she said ME? I am going to get married? like real married one day…I said yes, and she said OK, but I am not having babies…Then she said, OH, mama this is like the show say yes to the dress…I said you can pick out a dress, and she said … But, I want this dress, so sweet….Later she told Brandy, she wanted roses on her dress, pink and purple ones, and lots of sparkles! 🙂 she was starting to relax at the end, and it was time to go, but then she flipped over and rolled around and around like she was in a blanket….So this one I shot from the hip, the ones below I shot from the heart. I LOVE my niece and my sissy!—When we were all done, we told her we had to go and we had to put up the dress, she said…OK, it goes in my closet!





DSC07596akk(looking at mommy fluff her dress, after she said, ummmm, can you get this spread out please! bride-zilla in the making!—CAN”T wait for the real day) – Clicketynix

One Response to “Shoot from the hip, and then Shoot from the heart!”

  1. girlincamo

    She’s gorgeous!! I love the one with the lens flare/burst. Well done Nik!!


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