Twister. ish.

Holsteinok, stay with me on this.  Twister could have went a lot of ways.  Tornado.  the game.  The movie.  I went movie.  Sort of.

One of the best lines in the whole movie is when the psychologist girlfriend is on the phone with a patient and they’re driving through the outside edge of a tornado and she says on the phone to the patient “We’ve got cows!”  and they show a cow flying through the sky amongst the debris of the tornado.  Anyway, I knew where this farm was and thought it’d be perfect, I could go snap a quick shot of a cow and voila!  done.  Except that when I got there, all the cows were black, and not the typical holstein coloring.  So I went with the barn.  Then I processed it to look a little bit sinister in black and white.

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