tree enjoying the sunset and I were texting before we shot, who knew we would end up with close to the same shot of trees…These were both taken after we talked and neither one of us mentioned the sunset. We were hoping that waiting so late in the day wasn’t going to be a decision we regretted. I do not think we will…It was an awesome sunset. The bottom picture I took from my favorite sunset shooting place, but the sun was still so high, so we came home and got TEDe to take him for a ride in the jeep and when we got back there was a couple their with their camera, I think it was a date, so I was ok with losing the spot, I mean I use it all the time, plus this time, I actually wanted the tree in the picture so it was ok… The very bottom picture is what I was going to do…DAMN TREE! haha anyway…Enjoy -Clicketynix



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