Luck o’ the Tractor


I found this old tractor back on the 7th for “Something Made of Glass” I shot it then, but didn’t use it, partly cause I L-O-V-E-D the bathtub shot that I posted, but also because I knew I wanted to go back for today’s “Green” shot.  So I waited till about 2.5 hours after the race to trek out to this thing.  I had to cross Hwy 394 which is the main route from the interstate to Bristol Motor Speedway (where the Nascar race was today).  I figured two + hours would be enough time for most of the traffic to pass, but there was still quite a bit of traffic AND they had everything blocked off and contraflow lanes running.  It took some dodging and dancing around the roads a little, but I got it done.  AND I got to see several team haulers on their way out of town too!

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