Tonight I was lost without a theme to shot, but then when the hubby came home with this wine for dinner, I had an idea…We had this yummy bruschetta I was going to shoot. but then I starting thinking about the wine. We both really liked it. The tree on the bottle caught my attention before and I was going to buy it a while back, but I chose something else. I think this is supplied by the distributor my stepson works for… Also it is a Dave Matthews blend which reminds me of one of my precious memories, a concert by him and Eli Young Band in Dallas a few years back…It was suppose to be a first date for two of my favorite people, it wasn’t; but it ended up being our first triple date with them and another couple, and now those two couples are married too. Anyway, on the editing job, the part I wanted to highlight was the tree, because we all need a dreaming tree. I used a color photo to start. Then I played with the saturation and temperature to make the colors really deep and rich. Next, I added an ombre effect, and played with two colors, a green and an amber…the bottle was green and the glass an orange amber to start… Then finally I added a gritty effect. Finally, of course the sig line…I don’t have a fancy computer and I am ready for photoshop yet…even though that is coming…So here is my take at the theme….playing with photoshop! -clicketynix

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