Wow, Cows!

Cow Wow

You’d think living in Tennssee it wouldn’t be so hard to find something orange…but today it was!  Everything I saw was Red!  I looked really hard for something, anything of interest that was orange and it just wasn’t meant to be!  But, I found great photos and here’s two of my favorites.  The top one is a barn that I’ve driven past several times and loved.  It’s in a curve on a very narrow two lane road.  I pulled in to the driveway and jumped out.  At first I didn’t notice the cow cause I was so taken by the silo and the red of the barn.  Then I noticed the cow.  She made for a pretty difficult shot- trying to get her to show up in the shadows of the barn without blowing out the white of the snow on the ground, it was an exposure nightmare.  I tried my best to balance it and ended up with this.  I just love cows.  I love to talk to them while I’m shooting, I think it freaks them out.  There was one small calf just to the left of this and out of the frame who wasn’t amused at all- I shoulda took a few of him and his face that seemed to be saying, “Stranger!  Danger!”, but it was snowing again and I wasn’t exactly parked in a great spot, so I just hurried off.

The bottom pic I just loved the kind of homemade “Cattle Crossing” sign.  The green of the pine with the red contrasting against the snow just made for a nice shot.


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