the SKY is the limit!


Today was “sky” for the photo challenge and I was stuck rushing to work and then rushing home and then rushing 5 hours to attend a funeral and visitation. The sky was so crystal blue and the scenery on the drive was so beautiful, but there was no time to stop and “smell” the roses or “shoot” a barn…Then the night sky was so crystal clear and full of stars, I was thinking this is perfect, I will do my settings like I did for my full moon and nope! EPIC FAIL haha, so put the camera up and went in to call it a night and here on my niece’s dresser (eighth-grade girl) is a collection of Duct tape, and it was stacked just like this on a mat…She had 7 rolls and evidence of more…I saw pink and turquoise, and real-tree camo, and zebra and paint splotch…I am not sure what she had all this for, but I was thinking back to me at this age and I am certain that at this time in my life, I knew the sky was the limit, I mean…I do think it every time I see the hello kitty duck tape brand duct tape at the store…but then I put it back on the shelf, when my adult self says ummm…what would you use that for…but now I am certain I am going to buy a fun roll, and remember with the right tools and attitude, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!



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