ORANGE…but not the one I wanted!


I thought about ORANGE all day, I thought maybe I should shoot a orange camaro? I wonder is I should drive to Orange, TX and take a picture of city limit sign…But then as I was cleaning up after supper and I grabbed my camera, I looked around the kitchen and of course, no Oranges, no orange juice, and I thought … ” Man, I wish I was at grandma’s house because I would take a picture of the Sunkist orange “cups” we had…They were shaped like oranges and had a straw in them, I guess they were like today’s sippy cups, except we used them for years and years, and I don’t think we ever drank orange juice out of them. haha…I wonder if my sister sold them with the house or if she dared to throw them away, I need to find out. I wish I was close enough to grandma to go and have a quick chat, I could see if she remembers them too…SO I went off in search of something orange, and I found a couple of my texoma republican mugs from grandpa, these are just a few of several, but these are twins, they are from the 1969 election with Nixon/Agnew on them…


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