AbstractThis wasn’t what I’d planned on for abstract.  I drove around most of the day, camera in hand, windsheild wipers OFF (even though we’ve probably gotten two inches of rain today) snapping away at taillights and traffic lights trying to capture something cool through the watery windsheild.  Those came out ok, nothing too fabulous, but I was going with it anyway.  Then I noticed this…and then I had an idea.  Then it became my abstract photo.  Not sure if it’s better than the windsheild shots….y’all tell me!!!Abstract 2ok, and since I told you what the windsheild one is, I’ll spill it on the top one.  It’s a water bottle with “WarHeads” candy taped to the other side of the bottle, and I think a little refletion from my screen saver, then I turned it.

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