…so God made a farmer…

FarmerOh Gosh.  Where to start?  If you knew me two years ago, you’d know that I used to stay away from photoshop/editing like the plague.  I just never wanted it to be a crutch for me, I wanted to be good on my own, without using photoshop to fix what I should have done in camera.  Someone finally explained it to me that old-school photographers used to use the darkroom in the same way, that they’d spend hours in there adjusting, tweaking and adding their own artistic touch.  Now photographers spend hours in front of the computer doing the very same thing.   I’ve slowly tried to embrace it, and on a few occasions even been really really happy with the result.  I love love love anything HDR, I love anything in black and white and more times than not, use software to convert them.  And now textures and layers?  Yeah, way out of the box for me.  But I love it.  This is exactly what I wanted for today’s “All-American” theme.  It’s obviously  inspired by the Dodge commerical during the Super Bowl, and I’m just lucky that I have several farms to pick from.  The Flag layer is actually my photo from January 21’st, the farm from today.     -girl.in.camo

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