Today the challenge was All-American, All I could think of was  HotDogs, ApplePie, Chevrolet, and Baseball…I knew we were having Hamburgers for dinner, but I knew they were from Germany…So I googled the top 10 American Things and I found this list, and I was happy to see CHEESEburgers. This cheeseburger was made with the oven and two grills…My Dad thought that was funny, when it was just a burger…But when Rodney has time to cook, he does it right. This burger was seasoned with Chili Powder and Paprika, and cooked on the charcoal grill, and then topped with a oven-roasted slice of pancetta, and then placed on the griddle on the propane grill to get the steam treatment with the 3-pepper Colby Jack cheese…also grilled on the griddle were the Kaiser rolls that were rubbed with grilled garlic after toasting. YUM…In the Background are Pickles that were packed in the USA (whatever that means) and Mustard from New Jersey with a cold Miller Lite, (USA- I hope) in a Texans Coozie…( TEXAS, USA and TEXANS a American Football Team)…On the side was Chips from Trader Joes (Cali)…All for a All-American Meal 🙂


-Proud to be American


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