My new favorite photo…

1957ok.  first, this should have me mostly caught up.  I appologize for dumping a whole week at once.  My hubs has been pretty sick, so getting pics taken and posted just hasn’t been a priority.  Now he’s feeling better so we took us a little ride today and on the way home, I told him “I need an old RED barn, truck, car, or boat”  He knew where to go for the old red boat.  On the backside of the field were these two old cars.  Two wonderful old cars.  I jumped out of the truck, and even though it was snowing/raining/sleeting kind of all at once, I had my way with the old cars!  I loved this one.  Just great patterns, great moss on the bumper, that tiny bit of red in the grill and I left just a tease of the red of the car.  Got some great ones of both cars.  I need to play with them a bit, but then you’ll probably see them on 365…

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