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Have A Drink On Me!!

u and me

uand me

you and meHave A Drink On Me!!
I had a hard time deciding which one I liked the best!!

Little Purple Things

PurpleThese little purple flower/weeds/plants are all over the place.  Growing without permission and a bit of a pest, they are every where this time of year.  I went to take the trash out and wouldn’t you know it, they’re all over the place on the other side of the garage.  A quick trip back inside to get my camera and I’m layin in the yard snapping away at the weeds!!!



So many rules….

No trespassingAlright, so the only thing “indigo” about this pic is my “signature”.  What a gold mine I’ve found down a dead end road, but wouldn’t you know there’s a “No Trespassing” sign about every three feet!  Still pretty from the road.  And there’s some gorgeous old cars in this field, I really need to find out where to ask permission to get closer and really explore what all is there!

Three in one.

Big RiverMaybe the worst pic I’ve posted yet.  But it’s a BIG River BREWING Company glass taken with my iPhone.  So there’s three days all piled into one: iPhone, Big and Beer.  Didn’t plan it to be that way, but I haven’t felt well all weekend, just kind of sluggish and achy.  Tomorrow i’m back on the wagon!!!

The Captain

CaptainHere’s one of the really cute parts of spring…baby animals!  And baby cows are my favorite.  This little guy was curious about me, his mother not-so-much.  She kept positioning herself between me and him.  Finally he started towards the fence and she let him.

Scars: selfie


I had high hopes for today’s picture, I have always cheated at the selfie, and this time I was going to get the tripod and do it right, but it was a bad day emotionally…and I almost didn’t take a picture…I am ready for bed and about to read my nook, all the lights are off, so this was snapped with the iPhone and flash…I hope all these rough times will heal and be yet another scar that makes me who I am. -clicketynix