Today the easy choice for crossroads was to take the picture of the road sign that is a permanent fixture in our lives. We have the corner lot and the main stop sign into our neighborhood right here in the front yard. I had lots of ideas for this one, because I also thought of the music crossroads and crossroads of life…It got me thinking about my life and where my turning points were and where I turned along the way that brought me to today and then it hit me. Not one certain thought but of the people in my life right now. I am so blessed to have 5 people in my life that are not family but that are my rocks, my base, the ones that make me what I am at this very moment. I was thinking about a place that reminded me of them, a place that I could remember and ponder on. A place that would remind me that even if I ever become a different person in a different land that my past is all for a reason, that there is a reason that my travels and roads and crossroads led me here.  All these people came into my life while I worked at the building at the corner of main and mulberry. Heck, I even met 4 of the 5 because of the building at this intersection.  The five of you know who you are and I will love you forever. Thanks for being such a big part of my life.

To take this shot I actually drove downtown and parked by the sign and pulled a folding chair out that I brought for this purpose and climbed up to get a better perspective on the shot, what people must think while they are cruising by-clicketynix

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