Stars and Stripes

Stars and StripesIn my mind, this was a way better idea for “CrossRoads”  In my mind I saw light trails in every direction.  I guess I wasn’t planning on the traffic lights actually doing their job and keeping order in the intersection and cars not going in every direction!  So the dang traffic lights kinda wrecked my shot.  Until I saw that they were also wonderfully perfect starburts.  Then they saved the shot!  Funny thing about the big trail of red.  It was a UPS truck, and he waved at me as he went by.  I wonder if he must have known something about photography and what I was doing, trying to create the light trails and that his truck would be a wonderful wall of colorful lights for me.  Well, weather he knows or not, I’m gonna pretend that he did and that I was the recipient of his “random act of kindness” for the day!

Oh.  And yeah.  from the very second I got this months list, I was planning on shooting THIS intersection.  Could have done a lot of things with this one- lots of creative options exsist for it, but I knew I’d have a very literal interpretation for Sign:Crossroads.

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