SnowflakesHere’s my water shot….

I spent quite a bit of time outside trying to get this one.  It’s my first attempt at trying to get a nice macro of a snowflake.  It’s not perfect, could use some work, but overall I’m pretty pleased with it.  I need to drop a mortgage payment on a really good macro lens to get the shot I’d really like to have here, so this will have to do for a while!

Next up, my favorite shot of the day.  You know when you’re out and sometimes you look on the LCD to see what you’ve taken? I typically don’t get too hung up on what I see there, instead waiting to see it on the computer.  But this one (below) I did peak at and knew it’d be “the one” for the day as soon as I’d taken it.  I added some texture to give it an even older feel (which also makes me wonder why I bothered cloning out the “dust bunnies” from spots on my lens!) I love the antique look to it.  Makes it look like something you dug out of your grandmothers photo albums!! Cedar Grove

2 Responses to “Water!”

  1. Amy Trivett

    Just so proud that I will be able to say I knew her when. Or it’s a Terri Campbell early work.


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