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#3H2Ophotoaday March List

March ListHere’s the March list.  I started making it in January.  I just kept thinking of things and had started writing them down.  I tried to pick some stuff that was very specific, and others- like all the colors, which could be interpeted any number of ways and leave a lot of creative freedom to the photographer.  There’s a few that are repeats from clicketynix’s list last month, and I’d thought about changing them, but ended up leaving it alone.  I am also involved in a year long photo “scavenger hunt” so the ten items from that list are also embedded in this one, even though y’all don’t know which ones they are!!  Ok, people.  Get out there and shoot!!!  Have a great month!            

oh, also, when I made this list I put “iphone shot” on the 23rd- I was thinking literally here, you know, a pic taken with your phone.   I know the three of us all have iphones, but even if you don’t, don’t worry about it.  It could be a pic OF your phone, or someone else’s phone… any phone will do. Or an apple.  Or a shot of a barn on the way to the phone store.  Or the sunset on a day your left your phone at home.  Or the lake you threw your phone in cause it kept ringing.  I think you get the idea…we really ain’t picky here!!  It’s about the journey!


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I bought this can back in December and I was waiting to drink it because I wanted to shoot it one day so that could see the cool can… here is to synthetic energy 🙂  clicketynix



Today was a good day and I got some good nature shots, one was of the biggest gator I have ever seem, but today I had a couple beers to celebrate one of my best friends’ birthdays 🙂 I had a few beers and reminisced a bit…miss you




BUZZZZZZ….Today was awesome, we got in the Jeep and went to check out some new birding grounds to us…along the way we saw this beehive, it was crazy and about 2 feet tall…I can’t wait to redo this day because I got a lot of pictures of birdies but none that I love…The funny thing is I picked today to be a redo day for something we shot last month and wanted to change and printgirl and both couldn’t come up with anything and I had something pre-planned…and here it is not what I thought…again! ha