This month was mine to make the list and I hope you enjoy. If you want to play along just use the hashtag #3H2Ophotoaday and the # of the days theme no spaces…I picked some general day themes and then I choose two “week” themes for the people that are interested but that get a little busy or sidetracked, so for a week I picked #SIGNS and another one for #MACRO for the macro setting on your camera, the theme after is a suggestion for inspiration, but as long as you grab your camera and snap each day that is what is important… On the 16th, I choose REDO, this was meant for any shot that you took that you would like to #redo a little different, or maybe with better lighting or weather…On the #macro #energy day I was thinking about making it for energy drinks but not everyone will have one this day. I know that and I would do redbull, but printgirl is a Sobe free kinda girl…but I didn’t want to limit anyone that wants to participate, so it can be any energy…and last but not least I chose Caffeine for one of the themes because whenever we are stuck we shoot coffee. Grab the camera, have fun and explore the world around you…

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