Drive my Car…

Bel Airi had a vision for this day, but it wasn’t to be…

I wanted some really funky psychadelic volkswagen bug or bus and I was even gonna really funk it up in PS cause I wanted to go for a Beatles “Drive my Car” interpretation.  But I couldn’t find a bug, no psychadelic paint job, and even if I could have found it, the weather would have been a factor.

So I’m using this shot from the 16th.  Recycling I guess you could say.  I loved this one as soon as I took it, but have one I thought was “better” (whatever THAT is!) that I used that day, and this one has been in my head and the blue guy won’t shut up about it!  ClicketyNix knows about my people.  There’s 4 of them.  The Blue guy is the creative one.  So this one’s for you blue guy!

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