The Wheels on the Bus…

Campground BusEarlier this week when I was at the track doing my “Kyle Busch” photoshoot, I’d spotted a whole slew of buses.  These buses are used to shuttle people from parking lots and campgrounds during the race, they’re all sponsored by different companies- some are painted like race cars, others have an almost homemade paint job.  This one is the food city bus, and Terry’s is one of their private brands of chips.  folks around here think the Terry’s chips are it.  I just loved the colors of this one AND it was parked on the end of the row of about 15 buses so it was easy to see too.  I’m posting another “auto” photo on 365 that I LOVE!  I’m not gonna lie- I am gonna miss all the cars next month- I’m having a great time wondering around trying to find old cars and trucks to photograph!  There’s another great car photo in that same album, I posted it for the 24th, but I took it today, just had to find a spot to stick it!

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