Crusty Lil’Bug!

Crusty Lil' BugThe hubs found this one for me…he took me by there just a few days ago and there was a Volkswagen Van behind it.  Evidently, they both run, because they’d both moved from the spot they were sitting the other day.  Too bad too, cause I’d have had both of them in the same shot.  Anyway, in addition to the bus, there’s also a “No Trespassing” sign.  Man I hate those.  But, I always try to honor them, so I kept my distance from this guy and shot from the road, rather than step into these folks’ yard to get the shot I really wanted.  This one’s not nearly as awsome as the bug that ClicketyNix posted the other day but it’s all I got!!  Well, that and this one…which I did today not even realizing that it was also a “self” portrait!!!  I’m also working on a photo scavenget hunt, which isn’t due until August, so I might try to recreate this one for that!! smile!!

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