Kyle Busch: You Belong at Bristol, baby!

Kyle Wins at Bristol!This was my idea for “Toyota” day.  Finally the weather has settled down enough and I was able to get it done.  Still cold.  But not so cold that I minded taking off my shoes and laying down in the parking lot at Bristol Motor Speedway…

I am one of about 3 people in all of Bristol who actually like Kyle Busch.  The way I see it, what’s not to like?  I mean he’s cocky and arrogant, AND he admits it, so why not?

i had fun today.  After I took this, I spied something really really wonderful for a pic later this week!

I drove inside the gates and could have easily drove onto the track today, but didn’t.  I mean, I’ve done laps here before!  It was still tempting though!  Gates were open and not a person in sight!  I should have….shouldn’t I?

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