What an awesome GAS adventure!

GAS  I left the house without the camera today.  I figured I’d swing by and pick it up on my way to find something fabulous to shoot.  About 4pm, I decided to check (for the first time today) what the challenge was.  “What a gas”.  I thought about it, and just as quick, thought of the perfect place to find something fantastic to shoot for today.  I raced home, changed into jeans, grabbed the camera and raced off to get there before I lost shooting light.  There’s a self-storage facility up near Abingdon, VA that has all these wonderful old cars, old signs, and you guessed it, old gas pumps all over their property.  It’s almost museum like on this property and there’s so much to see and photograph.  I’d passed it before, but never been inside the property.  So I stopped at the office and asked permission to explore.  The lady was more than gracious to allow me in and even told me where to find what I was looking for.  Here’s one, the most fitting for the challenge today.  On second thought, I’m gonna squeeze in a few more pics cause I have too many favorites to pick just one!!  YES, it was an HDR wonderland.  Everywhere I turned stuff was just begging for HDR.  So many fantastic colors and textures…GAS and yes.  I got a little indulent on a few of these, really going for the more garish of the HDR tones.  Particularly on the nod to Sour Lake, TX Texaco sign!!! THat one’s out of the box for me in a lot of ways, one the potential overuse of editing.  Second leaving the power lines in the shot would usually break me out in hives!  But as soon as I snapped it, I loved the power pole and lines IN the shot.  It’s like they almost needed to be in there! ok.  done.  Now I gotta figure out which one I’m posting to 365…


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