What a GAS!



Ok, this day really was a gas….Like a laugh one, I actually LOL’d a little while ago. I went on two photo adventures tonight, I looked at what the themes were going to be for the next couple nights before I went to sleep and so today I knew all day that the theme was BMW, I grabbed my camera at lunch and after work I went for a drive. I had an idea that there would be a cool old Beemer at this place that fixes all year models of forgeign cars, well, they had a few but they were either too new or not old enough…But I saw a couple old beetles that were really cool, so I snapped a few shots. I came home grabbed a quick bite and then started to clean up the kitchen. Then I was thinking that I should go out and try to get a BMW since the dealership was still crawling with salespeople the first time I checked, so I ran out got a couple shots, not too many that I liked…then I came home and when I opened my email I saw a new post was updated by girl.in.camo and it was titled “what a great gas adventure  ” https://cuspfish.com/2013/01/22/what-an-awesome-gas-adventure/ and I laughed and said oops, it was gas not bmw, so I grabbed the camera a third time and grabbed this ‘ol thermometer that I have from my grandpa’s career as a gas agent….Funny tho…heee…anyway I wish I had pics of my dad’s restored gas pumps it would have been perfect!

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