nissanWhen I got my camera at lunch, I had already been thinking that Nissan is kind of a boring shot, and then I passed like 4 of them all in a  few minutes, all cars, all just normal family cars nothing cool, not even a cute little Rouge. Then I was behind one at the light, and I was like “geez, even there logo is boring” so I didn’t take any shots, and then when I got back to my desk my assistant saw some of this literature on my desk about the new Buick Encore and said ” I want to see this when it comes in, it is cute like a little Nissan Rouge” Then I got an idea….Here is the answer….A Better Rouge because it is a Buick, the new standard in luxury…And then I went on a little trip around the buildings to score a few brochures…and I added my order workbook that I used when I ordered the first one from the lot…so this is a snapshot of my life and something cooler than a Nissan…The funny thing is I was going to take a picture of a Cruze on Toyota day, because that wasn’t very exciting either! ha I guess I really am a GM girl through and through, guess it helps I was brainwashed from an early age….

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