Chevy Bow Tie

Chevy Bow Tie

Chevrolet and Bowtie
Written by Bill Bowman

1914 was the year that the famous Chevy Bowtie trademark was first used on Chevrolet cars. Since then, this distinctive emblem has appeared on millions of Chevrolet products to represent dependability, value and quality in motor transportation. Legend maintains that when as a world traveler in 1908; William Durant saw a bowtie pattern marching off into infinity as a design on the wallpaper in a French hotel. Thinking it would make a good nameplate for a car; he tore off a small section and kept it to show friends.

Later, Durant decided on the name Chevrolet for his car because men like Louis Chevrolet were heroes of the day, and also because he felt that the name Chevrolet had a musical sound as well as the glamour and romance of foreign origin.


The Chevrolet Technician Dispatch. Chevrolet Motor Division – GM Corporation


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