Parking Lot

View From the Parking LotHere’s the view from a parking lot just above the library.  There’s a lot going on in this photo – a lot of places I’ve already photographed.  In the distance, you see the “Bristol” sign.  I’ve shot that like crazy.  Just to the left of that is the train station I submitted the other day.  The sign straddles “State St” which is the state line and has the brass state line markers imbedded in the street – I’ve shot those a gazillion times.  The dome about mid-photo on the right is part of the library where there’s currently a photography exhibit going on till the end of February that I have three prints exhibited.  Downtown there’s a number of murals, most of which I’ve photographed at one time or another.  Plenty of old buildings with great architechture, old theaters, eating establishments, drinking establishments – they’ve almost all made the list at some point!  I love my downtown.  I love my town.  One City, Two States, One State of Mind!  A good place to live!!

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