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That ain’t my truck…

TruckThat ain’t my truck!  One of my all-time favorite songs by Rhett Akins.  My preferred version is the “back porch” version which is a much more acoustic grittier sound than what you’d hear on the radio and it’s awesome.  I love love love him!!  Anyway, yes, another HDR.  HDR makes everything so gorgeous.  I mean this truck was plenty cool, and it caught my eye, but all the junk between me and it was less than pretty.  Thanks to the magic of HDR- it’s beautiful junk!

Two Lane Road…


This isn’t on a two lane road.  It’s a 4-lane with a turn lane in the middle.  But the setting sun, the ridiculous clouds, the almost not visible snow in the mountain tops- yeah.  all that going on and I didn’t care how many lanes there were.

Drive my Car…

Bel Airi had a vision for this day, but it wasn’t to be…

I wanted some really funky psychadelic volkswagen bug or bus and I was even gonna really funk it up in PS cause I wanted to go for a Beatles “Drive my Car” interpretation.  But I couldn’t find a bug, no psychadelic paint job, and even if I could have found it, the weather would have been a factor.

So I’m using this shot from the 16th.  Recycling I guess you could say.  I loved this one as soon as I took it, but have one I thought was “better” (whatever THAT is!) that I used that day, and this one has been in my head and the blue guy won’t shut up about it!  ClicketyNix knows about my people.  There’s 4 of them.  The Blue guy is the creative one.  So this one’s for you blue guy!

My favorite two lane road


Everywhere I went today had at least 4 lanes even the road to my neighborhood. It made me think about my favorite two lane highway..81 in North Dakota. It goes right through my hometown, I will take a picture on the road this summer when I am there for you to enjoy. This shot was fun to take. I started with a coke bottle and the map, I took a bunch of shots and I then it hit me that I should play with my tracking focus. And I was so excited when I got the shot. Awe, the little things! -Clicketynix



This month was mine to make the list and I hope you enjoy. If you want to play along just use the hashtag #3H2Ophotoaday and the # of the days theme no spaces…I picked some general day themes and then I choose two “week” themes for the people that are interested but that get a little busy or sidetracked, so for a week I picked #SIGNS and another one for #MACRO for the macro setting on your camera, the theme after is a suggestion for inspiration, but as long as you grab your camera and snap each day that is what is important… On the 16th, I choose REDO, this was meant for any shot that you took that you would like to #redo a little different, or maybe with better lighting or weather…On the #macro #energy day I was thinking about making it for energy drinks but not everyone will have one this day. I know that and I would do redbull, but printgirl is a Sobe free kinda girl…but I didn’t want to limit anyone that wants to participate, so it can be any energy…and last but not least I chose Caffeine for one of the themes because whenever we are stuck we shoot coffee. Grab the camera, have fun and explore the world around you…

That Ain’t my truck…


Well, this “ain’t” my truck, but I wish it was. We have owned an Avalanche and it was our favorite vehicle…As a matter of fact we almost owned two at one time. Since, I have a company car now, I will never get to have the “car” that I want because this year is the last time that GM is going to manufacture it… I ordered this one plus several more last quarter. I am so sad to see them go. -Clicketynix

She thinks my tractor is….CUTE!

DSC04300“Tractor” was today word and of all days we to go to Houston, haha. We could have got any kind of car under the sun, and yet no tractor, I was going to figure something out when we got a call from Kyle to stop by and check out the progress on the house renovations, and what do you know is in the garage! 🙂


Shut Up And Drive

Shut Up And Drive

I’ve been looking for a driver who’s qualified
So if you think that you’re the one step into my ride
I’m a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine
With a sunroof top and a gangster lean
-Rihanna Verse 1