“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Saturday I was out running errands and I saw this crazy Cadillac. It had some loud detail decals and stripes, outrageous wheels, a mural and more, I had to drive around the parking lot a couple times so I could find a place to park that was close enough. I got out and snapped a shot. I was inspired after chatting with printgirl320 and about how we are going to stay inspired for the new year.  We need inspiration to blog, to shoot and to open up and stay focused next year and beyond. I am so excited to be production behind the camera (even if this was the iphone camera) that I want to start posting in our new transportation mode and tags. Here is to running into the new year and the future with the shutter open wide. BTW, I love love my two photo buddies, they really are my besties. -clicketynix

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