“F” the Food Manual…

Here’s my 3 in 1!!!  Does that count??

Here’s the skinny on the fat stuff!  The photo on the left was shot at f/5 for 1/50 th of a second at 400 iso.  Photo on the right was shot at f/22 for 1/2 sec at 400 iso.  I don’t fully understand it all, I know all three of those numbers relate to one another, but I’m far from being able to walk into a room and read the light and know exactly where to start with my camera settings.  But, I know that the larger the aperture or the smaller “f” number, the larger the hole, the more light gets in, the less time is needed. The smaller the aperture (larger number) the smaller the hole, the less light gets in, the longer shutter speed you’ll need.  Larger aperture = blurry background, smaller aperture = sharper background.   Well, I think that’s right.  It’s like it’s all backwards, no wonder I don’t get it!

Anyway, I went to the park today, shot 213 exposures in total, it felt good, I left the house, I got three days in one photo!  Maybe not what we planned, but it get’s me off the slacker list! hehe!  Then i ate the Reece cup!

Oh, and the 213 shots?  These were the best two!

2 Responses to ““F” the Food Manual…”

  1. clicketynix

    I don’t get it either that is why we are here, and I think that 3 things in one day is fine, I just came up with stuff that might get us going, I have to start my project over again because I didn’t reallly do it right, but that is ok too I think.


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