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DRINK and Color Setting: Today was the first time that I turned my camera on since last Saturday, Shame on me! We went after work to chase the sunset and missed it, but then I was thinking, OH, I should see what I was suppose to take a picture of today..It was of my drink and to use a color effect in my camera that I haven’t used…So this shot was taken on the Shutter setting, I think areImage 1/6, an F stop of 4.5 and an ISO of 400…the ISO is really all that I know about for sure but I am happy I got the camera out, and I am amazed how different my Fridays are now. I didn’t have a “drink” to take a picture of and I ate cheerios for supper, way different than my awesome Friday nights on Lush Lane….

“F” the Food Manual…

Here’s my 3 in 1!!!  Does that count??

Here’s the skinny on the fat stuff!  The photo on the left was shot at f/5 for 1/50 th of a second at 400 iso.  Photo on the right was shot at f/22 for 1/2 sec at 400 iso.  I don’t fully understand it all, I know all three of those numbers relate to one another, but I’m far from being able to walk into a room and read the light and know exactly where to start with my camera settings.  But, I know that the larger the aperture or the smaller “f” number, the larger the hole, the more light gets in, the less time is needed. The smaller the aperture (larger number) the smaller the hole, the less light gets in, the longer shutter speed you’ll need.  Larger aperture = blurry background, smaller aperture = sharper background.   Well, I think that’s right.  It’s like it’s all backwards, no wonder I don’t get it!

Anyway, I went to the park today, shot 213 exposures in total, it felt good, I left the house, I got three days in one photo!  Maybe not what we planned, but it get’s me off the slacker list! hehe!  Then i ate the Reece cup!

Oh, and the 213 shots?  These were the best two!

Faded Fords…

OK, so I think I finally figured this out.  Here’s the pic I’ve selected to post for HDR day.  Not sure it’s my favorite out of the three, but the one I’ve picked nonetheless.  Y’all let me know which of the three is your favorite/the best and why…