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Today another thing to add to my bucket list came to mind. I have been struggling with what my passion in life is, and what my end-goal of life is, and of course wondering what it is that God is wanting me to do here…and I thought maybe I could just refocus all this wonder and worry to something fun and somethings I want to say I have done in this life, so maybe while I am focusing on fun, the rest will fall into place…so I started working on this “bucket” list and I found that I don’t even have much of am imagination there, so today I was excited that a new idea popped in my head to add to the list….at least it is a start…wish me luck! 🙂 ****What is it you ask? Well, it is to take this 1923 version of robinson crusoe on a tropical trip and read it while in total relaxation in the sun, just not a desserted island please…well, it can be desserted if it has a full staff to wait on me! ha,…Here’s to dreams and the future! Visit for more photos if you like 🙂